Mardam: A company that cares about the environment and sustainable development

Proof of our commitment to sustainable development of the planet are the actions focused on reducing environmental impacts and preserving natural resources.

A Mardam strictly follows the standards for proper disposal of waste. Furthermore, all recyclable material is separated at the factory and its sale is reversed for professional training and improvement of our more than 200 employees.

A Mardam has 4,000 m² of area set aside for environmental preservation. In addition, the company is widely regularized before the municipal, state and federal agencies.


HEADQUARTERS Rua Ipanguaçu, 395 • Jd Tereza Palma • Poá • SP
BRANCH OFFICE Rua Ipaumirim, 300 • Jd Violeta • Poá • SP
SAC (5511) 2148-2500 | CUSTOMER SERVICE

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